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What is Colostrum?

Colostrum is a natural superfood produced by all mammals in the first 48-72 hours after giving birth. It is the first nutrition we receive in life and contains all of the essential nutrients our bodies need to thrive. For 300 million years, it has se

What is the ingredient in ARMRA Colostrum™?

ARMRA Colostrum™ Unflavored is one ingredient, premium grass-fed bovine colostrum -- a whole superfood. Not a list of ingredient additives. Our proprietary, Cold-Chain BioPotent™ Pasteurization Technology distills over 400+ functional nutrients, guar

What ingredients are in the flavored options of ARMRA Colostrum™?

We offer 2 flavored options:. Blood Orange, which contains ARMRA's proprietary Colostrum Concentrate with the following additional ingredients: Organic Natural Blood Orange Flavor, Citric Acid, Organic Stevia Leaf Extract, Organic Annatto Extract (fo

Do vegans use ARMRA Colostrum™?

Yes, many vegans choose to use ARMRA Colostrum™. Of course, this always comes down to personal preference.Colostrum is not vegan. As the first milk produced by all mammals, and the first nutrition we all receive in life to thrive, it is a dairy whole

Is ARMRA Colostrum™ vegetarian?

Yes. ARMRA Colostrum™ is vegetarian as it’s a bovine dairy product - sourced from grass-fed cows on family owned dairy farms throughout the US.

Does ARMRA Colostrum™ contain lactose?

ARMRA Colostrum™ does contain lactose, so may not be suitable for those with severe lactose intolerance. That said, the total amount is small, as each serving of ARMRA Colostrum™ is just 1 gram (about 1/2 teaspoon). ARMRA has many users who are lacto

Is ARMRA Colostrum™ appropriate for children?

Yes. ARMRA is derived from colostrum, which is the naturally occurring first nutrition we all receive in life in order to thrive. It is a nutrient-dense whole food with host of research-backed benefits in all ages - infants and children, as well as a

Can I give ARMRA Colostrum™ to my pet?

Yes, you can. Colostrum is a naturally occurring first food for all mammals - and is safe, effective, and recommended for pets. ARMRA Colostrum™ contains potent antibodies, micronutrients, antioxidants, peptides, and immune factors that works to stre

When will I notice a difference?

Everyone’s body is different, so naturally, this can vary. Research trials with ARMRA Colostrum™ show that the immune protective qualities begin less than 2 hours after taking your first serving. So, you may not notice, but it’s already begun working

Is ARMRA Colostrum™ FDA approved?

No. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates prescription and over-the-counter drugs. ARMRA, however, is a whole food, an all-natural product that is 100% drug-free.Even so, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of testing,

What does ARMRA Colostrum™ taste like?

ARMRA Colostrum comes in 3 flavors:Our ARMRA Immune Revival Unflavored is pure colostrum and is neutral/tasteless so can be added to anything.For those who prefer a flavored option, we have ARMRA Immune Revival Blood Orange, which is a zesty citrus f

What types of allergens are processed at ARMRA's manufacturing partners?

We manufacture ARMRA through various production partners and allergens processed at these facilities may include: dairy, egg, tree nuts, and peanuts.

Does ARMRA Colostrum™ come in capsule / pill form?

We don't have plans to offer ARMRA in capsule form. ARMRA Colostrum™ has powerful benefits protecting all of the body's mucosal barriers, including the mouth, esophagus and the stomach. The powder's direct contact with these surfaces is important to

Are any products offered without stevia?

ARMRA™ Immune Revival Unflavored is our pure, premium colostrum concentrate with no stevia or additional sweeteners or ingredients added.

Is ARMRA Colostrum™ gluten free?

Absolutely - ARMRA Colostrum™ is gluten-free.

Does ARMRA Colostrum™ contain electrolytes to keep you hydrated?

ARMRA Colostrum™ is not a replacement for electrolytes. It is still important to fully hydrate as electrolytes such as salt (sodium, chloride), along with potassium and magnesium, are essential nutrients and are crucial for the body to maintain a hea

Is ARMRA Colostrum™ for men and women?

ARMRA Colostrum™ is a natural whole food and is safe, effective, and recommended for both men and women. Colostrum is backed by over 5,000 research publications for its host of benefits in both.

Is ARMRA Colostrum™ something that you need to take for the rest of your life?

ARMRA Colostrum™ is not a band-aid solution. It’s a transformation to your foundational health which means feeling better now, and also for the long run. ARMRA rebuilds and strengthens the body’s mucosal barriers to protect against environmental thre

Does ARMRA Colostrum™ contain liposomal delivery?

No. Liposomal delivery requires encapsulation with artificial “dissolving agents” that can be harmful to health. We do not add anything to ARMRA Colostrum™ as it is a pure, whole food with only 1 ingredient - premium grass fed bovine colostrum. This

Does ARMRA Colostrum™ contain IGF?

ARMRA Colostrum™ does contain whole food IGF-1. Colostral IGF-1 has been shown in research to increase lean muscle mass, and when used during exercise, switches cellular fuel from sugar to fat, increasing the body’s fat burning capacity.

Does ARMRA Colostrum™ contain vitamins and minerals?

Colostrum is a natural product and whole food source of many vitamins and trace minerals. We do not manipulate their naturally occurring concentrations, nor add additional vitamins or additives to ARMRA Colostrum™.

Does colostrum increase hormones like testosterone?

ARMRA Colostrum™ does not strictly increase testosterone - it promotes the full scope of healthy and balanced hormone levels for both men and women.

Is it recommended to take ARMRA Colostrum™ as a protein replacement?

ARMRA Colostrum™ should not replace your daily protein consumption. ARMRA is a concentrate of over 400+ functional, bioactive nutrients from grass fed colostrum - including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, growth factors, peptides, antibodies, and a

Does ARMRA Colostrum™ interfere / interact with any medicine?

While no significant interactions have been reported between medications and/or supplements and ARMRA Colostrum™, it’s always wise to consult your healthcare provider before adding it to your existing regimen.

Can you take ARMRA Colostrum™ if you have a histamine intolerance?

ARMRA Colostrum™ is a fat-free bovine dairy product, so it would only be advisable to consume by those with histamine intolerance who also tolerate other dairy products - keeping in mind the serving size is a small amount, only 1 gram (1/2 teaspoon).

Can I take ARMRA Colostrum™ during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

We always recommend consulting your licensed healthcare provider for any personal medical questions. That said, ARMRA Colostrum™ is a safe, nutrient-dense superfood with a host of research-backed health benefits for both mother and baby - and was dev

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ARMRA Colostrum™ Apparel Care Instructions

Our T-shirt is made from 100% cotton. Please machine wash cold separately. Wash on normal cycle only. Do not bleach. Tumble dry on low heat. We do not recommend ironing over the design and puff logo.