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What is the ingredient in ARMRA Colostrum™?Updated a month ago

ARMRA Colostrum™ Unflavored is one ingredient, premium grass-fed bovine colostrum -- a whole superfood. Not a list of ingredient additives. Our proprietary, Cold-Chain BioPotent™ Pasteurization Technology distills over 400+ functional nutrients, guaranteeing the highest bioactive integrity and bioavailability, and ensures that ARMRA delivers maximal health benefits and is the most potent product on the market. We add no fillers or additives - it's an entirely pure and clean whole food. 

ARMRA Colostrum™ contains no fat and no casein, the most common dairy allergen, and includes higher concentrations of the bioactives essential for human health. These bioactive compounds include strengthening peptides, protective antibodies, antimicrobial peptides, prebiotic compounds, amino acids, vitamins, trace minerals, immunoglobulins, tissue growth factors, and antioxidants that confer complete immune support and whole health benefits. 

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