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Can ARMRA Colostrum™ be helpful for oral health?Updated 2 months ago

ARMRA Colostrum™ provides many benefits for oral health. It works to strengthen the mucosal barriers of the mouth, which supports oral immune health. ARMRA Colostrum™ also contains whole food prebiotics that fortify the oral microbiome. Along with the other 400+ living bioactive nutrients in ARMRA Colostrum™, these compounds work synergistically to promote all facets of oral health, supporting bone mineralization of the teeth, and strong, healthy gums. Colostrum is a whole food and exclusive source of many of these compounds, which can’t be found anywhere else in nature.

To reap the most potent benefits for oral health, many customers enjoy pouring ARMRA Colostrum™ Unflavored directly into their mouth on an empty stomach, or stirred in just a gulp of water, to maximize contact with these mucosal surfaces along the mouth, throat, and esophagus. It can clump and stick to the gums, which only amplifies its absorption and benefits on these surfaces. 

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