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ARMRA Carafe

What is the ARMRA Carafe made out of?

The ARMRA™ Carafe is made out of nonporous, high-borosilicate glass, is non-toxic, BPA-free, and phthalate-free.

Is my ARMRA Carafe dishwasher safe?

Yes. The ARMRA™ Carafe is dishwasher safe. We recommend securely placing it on the top rack and away from other objects to help prevent any damage, as well as hand-washing the cap to preserve the soft-touch coating and prevent fading over time.

Can I put my ARMRA Carafe in the refrigerator?

You are free to place your ARMRA™ Carafe in the fridge to keep your favorite beverages cool.

Can I put my ARMRA Carafe in the microwave or stovetop? Can I put hot liquids in it?

No. Heat from any type of heat source can damage your ARMRA™ Carafe. It is intended for cool or cold beverages only.

Can I recycle the ARMRA Carafe?

Yes. The ARMRA™ Carafe is reusable and recyclable.