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Why is the serving size of ARMRA Colostrum™ only 1 gram? I've seen other products with a much larger serving size.Updated 2 months ago

ARMRA Colostrum™ is a proprietary, premium concentrate of colostrum and the most potent product on the market. Just 1 gram confers greater benefit than much higher servings of other available products. ARMRA's concentrate contains over 400+ pure, functional nutrients from colostrum including peptides, growth factors, vitamins, trace minerals, and antioxidants, among others. No fillers or additives - just pure bioactives matched for optimum physiology. And, our patent-pending, Cold-Chain BioPotent™ Pasteurization Technology guarantees the highest bioactive integrity and bioavailability, ensuring maximum health benefits. In fact, 3rd party research on ARMRA's patent-pending colostrum concentrate specifically,  was found to confer 32% stronger and faster immune response against harmful LPS particles compared to standard colostrum.* It's why our customers report such impactful benefits with use and end up switching to ARMRA after having tried other colostrum brands.

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