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Why does ARMRA Colostrum™ foam?Updated a year ago

ARMRA may foam depending on how it is mixed or what it is mixed with. If you do experience any foam, you would also have to drink this in order to receive the full serving. However, ARMRA Colostrum™ can be easily stirred into liquid, mixed with things like yogurt, granola, or chia, or sprinkled onto any other food. Since it has no taste it is easy to incorporate into almost anything as long as it isn't hot, as this can degrade the natural, bioactive compounds. 

For the most potent benefits, many customers enjoy pouring ARMRA Immune Revival Unflavored directly into their mouth on an empty stomach or stirred in just a gulp of water, to maximize contact with the mucosal surfaces of the mouth and esophagus as this provides additional benefits there. It can clump and stick to your gums, which amplifies its absorption on these surfaces.

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