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When is ARMRA Colostrum™ collected?Updated 2 months ago

ARMRA Colostrum™ is a premium and proprietary concentrate of bioactive nutrients from bovine colostrum. All colostrum is collected within the first 24 hours after delivery, as we take care to ensure that baby calves are fed all they need first before the surplus is collected. Typically, the hour of colostrum retrieval is important because the earlier the collection, the more highly concentrated the bioactives are (such as antibodies, growth factors, milk oligosaccharides, etc). However, this does not apply to ARMRA Colostrum™, as it is already a standardized concentrate of essential bioactives from colostrum, certifying the most potent, bioavailable, and effective available on the market. In fact, 3rd party research shows ARMRA Colostrum™ was found to confer 32% stronger and faster immune response against harmful LPS particles compared to standard colostrum.

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