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How is ARMRA Colostrum™ different from other bovine colostrum products on the market?Updated 2 months ago

There are many bovine colostrum products on the market, but ARMRA is different because our proprietary, premium colostrum concentrate is the most potent and bioavailable on the market and the only one perfected for human health. We start with the highest quality sourcing, from grass-fed cows on family-owned dairy farms here in the USA. Our colostrum contains no fat and no casein, the most common dairy allergen, while including higher concentrations of the bioactives like antibodies, peptides, and whole food prebiotics essential for human health.

Most importantly, our patent-pending, Cold-Chain BioPotent™ Pasteurization Technology distills colostrum's over 400+ functional nutrients without the use of high temperatures and certifies the highest bioactive integrity and bioavailability. This ensures ARMRA  delivers maximum immune support and whole health benefits. Because of this, 3rd party research on ARMRA's patent-pending colostrum concentrate specifically,  was found to confer 32% stronger and faster immune response against harmful LPS particles compared to standard colostrum.*

It's the reason so many people switch to ARMRA Colostrum™ after having tried other brands, and why our customers experience such compelling benefits for their health. You can learn more about ARMRA™  research and read customer testimonials on our website at

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