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How do I take ARMRA Colostrum™ Performance Revival?Updated 10 months ago

ARMRA Colostrum™ should be taken daily and consistently in order to achieve maximal performance benefits. For best results, we recommend taking Performance Revival as an addition to your daily ARMRA Colostrum™ routine; just add Performance Revival before activity to enhance your mental and physical achievement. 

Mix complete serving(s) of ARMRA Colostrum™ Performance Revival in any volume of water, liquid, or food, as long as it isn't hot, as this can degrade the natural, bioactive compounds. ARMRA Colostrum™ Performance Revival is a chocolate flavor and is easily incorporated into cold liquid or mixed into or sprinkled onto any food, like yogurt. Clumping is expected, which is an indication of the product's purity, as we add no agglomerating or chemical agents to increase the product's dissolvability, unlike most other powders on the market.

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