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Testing & Certifications

What testing does ARMRA Colostrum™ undergo and what certifications does it hold?

All ARMRA products are food-grade, made in the USA, and undergo rigorous 3rd party testing. We manufacture ARMRA in FDA-registered facilities to adhere to the strict requirements of the FDA, and use Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) to ens

Is ARMRA Colostrum™ Keto-Certified?

Yes, all ARMRA Colostrum™ products are officially Keto-Certified.

Is ARMRA Colostrum™ Paleo friendly?

Yes. In fact, we are certified by the Paleo Foundation. You can learn more at

Is ARMRA Colostrum™ free of glyphosate pesticide?

Yes, ARMRA Colostrum™ is glyphosate-free. We conduct extensive audits on every production of ARMRA that includes glyphosate, heavy metal, contaminant, and microbiological testing by FDA-registered, ISO/IEC-certified third-party laboratories before an

Is ARMRA Colostrum™ tested for minimum nutrient counts?

ARMRA Colostrum™ is a natural product and whole food source of over 400+ bioactive compounds including a host of vitamins and trace minerals. We test for standardized levels of select bioactives, including immunoglobulins and whole food prebiotics -

Is ARMRA Colostrum™ NSF Certified for Sport?

ARMRA products are not NSF Certified for Sport. However, many professional athletes choose to use ARMRA Colostrum™ to support their fitness performance goals, as it confers powerful benefits for lean muscle composition, endurance, and recovery. All A

Is ARMRA Colostrum™ free of WADA/USADA banned substances?

As each athletic organization varies in their respective policies and requirements, we recommend consulting with your Program Director for questions specific to your program. With that said, I can share that ARMRA Colostrum is derived from grass-fed

Is ARMRA Halal?

ARMRA Colostrum™ is not officially certified halal. However, it is a bovine dairy product and no cows are slaughtered or harmed in the process.